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Roseville Toyota Safety Guide: Why Young Children Shouldn’t Ride in the Front Seat

At Roseville Toyota, many of our team members are parents—so we get it. You spend your life worrying about your child. You worry about how they’ll navigate the first day of second grade or if that kid who likes to eat … Continue reading

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How to Safeguard Your Child’s Online Activities

The Internet has created myriad opportunities for families and children to expand their educational and cultural horizons. Kids no longer need to rely on parents and teachers to explore their interests. With this increased exposure to the good, unfortunately, comes … Continue reading

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All About Engine Air Filters

Airborne dust and dirt can seem pretty harmless, but if they get into an engine, the tiny abrasive particles will scratch and wear metal surfaces. Over time, this damage can affect the workings and efficiency of your vehicle. For this … Continue reading

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How to Be More Eco-Friendly When You Travel

There’s absolutely no reason to leave your eco-friendly habits at home when you travel. Today, hotels, attractions, airlines, and other tourism entities are making it easier to “go green” and help the environment when you travel. Most of these suggestions … Continue reading

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