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toyoda history imageSince Toyota’s founding in 1937, the company has set records, won awards, and won over generations of drivers with affordable, practical models and high-performance supercars alike. At Roseville Toyota, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which Toyota vehicle is right for you.

We do more than just sell Toyota vehicles, though—we’re also Toyota trivia experts. You may not need to know some of these fun facts, but we’re happy to share them—and anything else you need to know when it comes to finding your next vehicle.

  • Early history: Founded as ‘Toyoda’ by Kiichiro Toyoda, the company started as the auto arm of an automatic loom manufacturer. The name was changed after a competition in 1936.
  • The birth of the Land Cruiser: The U.S. military requested 100 Jeep-like vehicles from Toyota in the early 1950s. Toyota ultimately chose the Land Cruiser name to differentiate it from the original.
  • Dedication to perfection: Creating quality takes time. When Toyota was developing the first Lexus, it created 450 prototypes during the process.
  • Hybrid history: Toyota had an interest in hybrid technology long before the launch of the Prius. In 1968, the company built a hybrid powered by a turbine engine.
  • Creating jobs: Toyota has created 365,000 jobs in the United States since 1986—and that number continues to grow. This year, the Toyota Camry even took the top spot on Cars.com’s American-Made Index.

If we’ve piqued your interest, contact us today to learn more about all that Toyota has to offer.

Image: Toyota via Supercompressor


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