Toyota Reveals 3 Concept Vehicles at Tokyo Motor Show

Concept vehicles, by and large, are a way for automakers to show off new technologies, try daring experiments, and gauge interest in future vehicles. You can never quite tell what to expect from a concept vehicle, which is why we here at Roseville Toyota are proud to announce that the company has debuted three new concept vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show.


The S-FR Sports Car is a lightweight sports car concept with a simple, curvaceous exterior design which aims to make driving fun. It’s characterized by smooth, responsive handling and a driver-car connection made possible by weight distribution (the engine is positioned mid-front) and the six-speed manual transmission. It also features 2+2 seating, unique for a car this size.


The Kikai concept vehicle was conceived with simplicity and fundamentals in mind. The body work has been taken away to reveal working interior machines which are usually hidden, including the mid-mounted engine, fuel tank, and suspension hardware. It also features a 3-seat interior, with the driver’s seat centrally located and window panels set near the feet of the driver to reveal the road and some exterior parts of the car to create a heightened driving experience.


Finally, the Toyota FCV Plus fuel cell car and portable generator is a vision for a future-generation AWD fuel cell vehicle. Ambitious, because the Mirai is just starting to hit select dealerships, this concept vehicle is driven by four in-wheel electric motors powered by a fuel cell stack and fed by compressed hydrogen in a rear-mounted tank. When not taking it around town, drivers can also hook it up to an external hydrogen source so it can feed electricity into the home and community grid.

We hope you’re as thrilled about the future of driving and these vehicles as we are. The upside to these concept vehicles is that they’re all innovative. The downside is that they’re not available on our lot just yet. But do you know what is? An astounding lineup of new and used Toyota models, ready for you to test-drive. So what are you waiting for? Call, contact us online, or stop by the dealership today.

Images: Toyota

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